Macbeth’s internal crisis There are several parts in the play where Shakespeare expresses Macbeth’s internal state of crisis. He uses several different language devices to provide further evidence of Macbeth’s crisis. The reason why Shakespeare has expressed Macbeth’s internal state of crisis is so that the audience and the reader understand the consequences of having […]

Say from whence you owe this strange intelligence?or why upon this heath you stop our way with such prophetic greeting ?Speak I charge you. As you can see this quote shoes us clearly that Macbeth is losing his mind, due to the high number of questions he asks and at the pace he asks them […]

The burnt smell of those who didn’t make it out takes over the air and makes you unable to breathe,the eternal smell of bodies rots away, none to be touched or moved.The loud explosions rings the ears of those nearby. The hundreds of people who shriek and weep unaware of what has happened, the loud sound […]

Woke up in the morning at 6:20am brushed my teeth Had breakfast played some fifa17 demo and lost left for school

Chapter 50 The chapter begins with Pip dressing the wounds from the fire on his arm. He proceeds to meet up with Herbert but the two don’t mention anything about the boat they brought for Provis. The two talk about Magwitch and how he was staying with Herbert last. Herbert tells Pip the story about […]

Chapter 40 At the beginning of the chapter Pip is moving around his house when he trips over a shadowy man who he later realises  is Abel Magwitch ( the convict), Pip then offers him to stay at his and realises that Magwitch or “Provis” (as he was called back in Australia) has a gun with […]

brought up by hand What said Miss Havisham, flashing her eyes upon her, ‘are you tires pf me?’ Only a little tired of myself’, replied Replied Estella He’d no more heart than a iron file, he was as cold as death,and the head of the devil afore mentioned. “Estella seemed more delicately beautiful than she had […]

There are several instances of irony in Great Epectations, where the character has said one thing but means the opposite or something else. One well known instance of irony in Great Expectations is when Pip refers to himself and Joe as being “brought up by hand” by his sister. This quotation is ironic because being […]

He’d no more heart than a iron file, he was as cold as death,and the head of the devil afore mentioned the quote “He was as cold as death” shows us the hatred Magwitch has for Compeyson, the similie used in the quote shows us that Compeyson was as cold as death relating back to […]